Fire Detection

cheetah xi fikeCheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Protection System

• The Cheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Protection System is Fike’s revolutionary advancement in safety and fire protection, is a digital peer to peer, bi directional communication system designed to respond in as little as one quarter second! For more information. Click here for more info.

gator proGatorPro™

• The all-in-one GatorPro™ Fire Alarm System is fully programmable, has a built-in communicator and can communicate to virtually all central stations. GatorPro™ is a high performance, flexible fire alarm panel that is well suited for a variety of applications.

fike guard

FikeGuard™ Voice Evacuation Fire Prevention System

• FikeGuard™ Voice Evacuation Fire Prevention System fire panels combine the latest in technology with rugged and compact design. A voice system is a more effective, faster and safer fire evacuation plan; and for areas of 300 or more occupancy, it is mandated by the NFPA. Click here for more info.

cyber cat


• Fike’s exciting new CyberCat™ fire alarm panel is a digital, peer-to-peer, bi-directional communication system. Revolutionary in its speed, intelligence and flexibility, CyberCat is available for the same price as a standard fire alarm system…for an unparalleled value. Click here for more info.

fike faast


• Fike’s FAAST is very early warning fire detection featuring the latest in Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology. Compatible and complementary to each of Fike’s fire alarm and fire suppression systems, this technology uses an advanced, intelligent smoke detector that actively draws air into its sensor through a pipe network. FAAST combines dual source blue LED and infra-red laser optical smoke detection with advanced algorithms to detect a wide range of fires while maintaining enhanced immunity to nuisance particulates … and enabling FAAST to deliver highly accurate and discreet early warning fire detection for a wide variety of environments/ applications. Click here fore more info.

fike shark pro

SharkPro Fire Alarm System

• Fike SharkPro Fire Alarm System is addressable fire alarm system that uses the latest in design and manufacturing technology. SharkPro has the power to meet a variety of application needs, yet the simplicity to allow fast and easy fire alarm installation.  Click here for more info.