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Fire Prevention Service, Inc.
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Equipment, Systems & Training Technicians:

  • Keith Gower
  • Sean Magee
  • Vincent Terentino
  • Mike Fratello
  • Joseph Copolla
  • Fortunato Capomolla
  • James McNeil
  • Al Basset

About Fire Prevention Services

Fire Prevention Service Incorporated has been a family owned business since 1942.  We have achieved recognition in providing our customers with technical information training and state of the art equipment.  Our cutting edge approach to fire loss prevention and hazard analysis has broadened our field of expertise to all aspects of fire safety.

Fire Prevention Service Incorporated realizes the ever-changing codes and regulatory standards of fire protection and safety is a high priority.  OSHA, EPA, Fire Inspector standards, and enforcement policies can effect Production, Profitability & Company Liabilities.  As a result, Fire Prevention Service has instituted a division which provides consulting and instructional services concerning FIRE, CHEMICAL, SAFETY management, and Emergency Training.

If fire loss and prevention are a concern to you and your business, then you have come to the right place. We can offer you and your company everything from smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, to automatic fire detection suppression systems and emergency response training.

About Andrew del Carmine, Vice President

Andrew Del Carmine has been associated with fire service for over 20 years; 5 years as a professional fire fighter.  Today he holds the position of Vice President for Fire Prevention Service, Inc.  as well as President of Fire Chemical Safety Consultants.  He also was Co-Chair and now member of the City of Stamford’s Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Mr. Del Carmine has delivered over 3,500 hours of training in fire suppression, fire extinguishing equipment, systems, fire rescue, vehicle rescue, emergency medical response, pre-fire planning, hazardous materials planning, fire and hazardous material inspections and emergency response operations.  He conducts training for fire departments and numerous private corporations.

Institution Education / Degree

  • University of New Haven BS Fire Science Administration (1994)
  • University of New Haven Hazardous Materials Management (Minor 1991)
  • University of New Haven Fire Prevention and Safety (Minor 1988)
  • University of New Haven Industrial Fire Protection (Minor 1998)
  • University of New Haven Hospital and Health Care Fire Safety (Minor)
  • University of New Haven Arson Investigation Certification
  • University of New Haven Fire Safety Instructor (1985)
  • National Fire Academy & FEMA Hazardous Materials Contingency Planning Curriculum
  • International Fire Chiefs Emergency Planning & Community Right-To-Know / SARA Title III Curriculum
  • National Fire Service Professional Qualifications Board National Fire Instructor
  • State of Connecticut Fire Extinguishing Systems, Licensed
  • State of Connecticut Fire Service Instructor
  • State of Connecticut Fire Fighter III, II, & I
  • State of Connecticut Hazardous Materials Technician
  • State of Connecticut Local Emergency Planning Committee (City of Stamford:  1987 – Present)

Conducts fire, hazardous materials and safety seminars concerning industrial and municipal planning, training, inspections, & emergency operations.


  • One year internship with New York City’s Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Division – Covering all five boroughts of New York City:  Planning, Training, and Emergency Response.
  • One year internship with Fire Marshal’s Office in New Haven, CT – Allingtown Fire District – Responsible for assistance in fire investigation (supplimental reports), hazardous materials reporting , investigation, analysis, and fire code inspection & compliance (NFPA 101 – The National Life Safety Code).
  • Over 20 years with Fire Prevention Service, Inc. – Covering plan reviews, installation, service, testing of fire suppression equipment, and systems design.  In addition; conduct fire, hazardous materials, and safety training for municipalities, industrial and commercial businesses.
  • Consult – Fire & Hazardous Materials Chemical contingency planning, inspections, and compliance, industrial & Municipal Emergency Response Operations & Control of Fire and Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Director and Lead Officer with Fire & Hazardous Materials Emergency Response:  numerous industrial fires, spills, and releases; emergency mitigation, control and termination of these incidents.
  • Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials

  • Assistant Director & Co-Chair, Now Member of City of Stamford Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
  • Responsible for conducting local industrial surveys governed by the Emergency Planning, notification and Community Right-To-Know Act
  • Assist in developing the City’s Emergency Response guidelines to Hazardous Materials Incidents involving local industrial plant emergencies; community assessment for hazardous materials in transportation
  • Evacuation data for chemical releases.

Contributing Author

  • Industrial Fire Chief Magazine
  • Fire Watch – NAFED

About Michael L. Fratello, Senior Instructor

Michael L. Fratello has been associated with the fire service for over twenty years.  He is a professional fire fighter with The City of Norwalk Fire Department and HazMat Technician with Fairfield County HazMat Team.  He is also an employee with Fire Prevention Service and instructor with Fire Chemical Safety Consultants.

Institution Education / Degree

  • Porter and Chester Institute Associate – Mechanical Design Drafting (1980)
  • IAFF Theory and Delivery of HazMat Instruction
  • National Fire Academy Incident Command
  • National Fire Academy Building Construction
  • National Fire Academy Hazardous Materials
  • National Fire Service Professional Qualifications Board National Fire Officer I, National Instructor I, National Fire Fighter III
  • State of Connecticut Fire Officer I
  • State of Connecticut Fire Instructor I
  • State of Connecticut Fire Fighter III, II, I
  • State of Connecticut Hazardous Materials Technician
  • State of Connecticut Rope Rescue III, II, I
  • State of Connecticut Confined Space Rescue
  • Brayton Firemen’s Training School, College Station, Texas Industrial Firefighting / flammable liquid foam firefighting


Conducts Fire Hazardous materials and safety seminars concerning industrial and Municipal planning, training, inspections, and emergency operations.

  • (17) years with Greenwich Fire Department, Station#4 – Held both executive and line officer positions
  • (12) years as training officer for the GFD Station #4
  •  (7) Yeas with King Industries Specialty Chemicals, Norwalk, CT – Fire / Safety division.  Respond to Hazardous Materials, Fire and EMS emergencies within a 10 acre facility.  Prepared lesson plans and administered training to three shifts of production personnel.  Involved with tabletop exercises with various City of Norwalk agencies.
  • Hazardous Materials – Member of the Fairfield County Hazardous Incident Response Team.  Respond to HazMat emergencies throughout the Fairfield County area.  Training with the US Army 1st Civil Detachment Unit on Terrorist & Weapons of Mass Destruction
  •  (3) Years with the City of Norwalk Fire Department
  •  (5) Years with Fire Prevention Service, Inc. – Fire equipment and system technician and senior lead instructor for their fire and hazardous materials course(s) delivery